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Tiny hydrogen cars not just child's play

H-cell gives toys real fuel-cell power

Automobiles have paved the way for hybrid and alternative energies in transportation, but other vehicles are quickly following their tracks. We've seen trains, golf carts and even wheelchairs running on non-fossil power sources in recent months alone. But one there's one category we hadn't anticipated: toys.

Horizon Fuel Cell

Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies first made headlines with its hydrogen-powered "H-racer" remote-controlled miniature car, which Gizmag says is the "best-selling fuel cell product in the world." Now, Horizon has developed what it calls the "H-cell" power source, which it claims allows miniature cars to reach speeds of nearly 22 mph.

"Widely available 1/10th scale electric R/C cars will now be able to run on real automotive fuel cell power concepts at speeds reaching 35km/h, good acceleration, decreased hydrogen fuel consumption and increased power autonomy over conventional battery solutions," Horizon says. That sounds great, but the YouTube clip below tells the story a lot better.