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Time calculator shows futility in trying to keep up with Twitter

The Tweetulator Twitter time calculator offers a compelling case for keeping your Twitter following activities down to a reasonable size.

Twitter home page
Welcome to the thunderdome.
Screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

Like many things in life, Twitter is best used in small doses. Check in on a trending topic. Get the latest tweets about live sporting events. See what Neil deGrasse Tyson has to say about anything. Just don't try to take it all in. You'll drive yourself mad.

Considering the sheer volume of tweets flying around at any given moment, you might feel like Twitter is passing you by like so many raindrops smearing together across your windshield as you drive at high speeds. Perhaps you'd like to know just how much of Twitter is whizzing past you. Guess what? There's a handy calculator just for that.

Web developer Koobazaur put together the Tweetulator, a calculator that puts a number to the sheer level of futility involved with keeping up with Twitter. You start by inputting the number of Twitter users you are following. For me, that's 112. You can tweak the average number of tweets, your reading speed, and the number of pages in an average novel. I stuck with the defaults of five tweets per day from each Twitter user with an average of 35 words per tweet.

My results showed that I would need 1 hour, 11 minutes, and 16 seconds of reading every day to keep up with all the tweets of all the people I'm following. That's probably a conservative estimate. It could be worse, but that's still way more time than I'm willing to hand over to Twitter on a daily basis.

At least I'm not Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey. He would have to spend more than 14 hours every day to keep up with the 1,330 people he's following.

The Tweetulator results aren't really that surprising, but it does manage to put Twitter time into perspective. Let's just say that if I miss a few tweets here and there, I'm not going to feel bad about it.

(Via Reddit)