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Timbuk2's 3-in-1 bag guards your Netbook

Got a Netbook and looking for a case to fit it? Timbuk2's new offering is a case that doubles as a backpack and shoulder bag.


Netbooks are generally small enough to fit in most any bag you've got, but if you want something small to carry around your Netbook (and your Netbook only), Timbuk2's new T-Pack does the trick. This bag can be used in one of three ways: as a standalone, padded case to be thrown in another bag, as a shoulder bag, or as a backpack-style bag, which in the above photo looks kind of ridiculous.

Along with holding your computer, the bag also has a zip pocket on the bottom that can be used to stash your power adapter, along with a few odds and ends like a wireless card, mouse, or USB sticks. The bag costs $30 and can hold Netbooks up to 10 inches in size, although buyers on Timbuk2's site report that some machines with extended life battery packs don't fit.