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Tiger's new electric guitar--easy to play, fun to smash!

Paul Stanley of Kiss smashes the new Power Tour Electric Guitar

What an interesting launch party concocted by Tiger Electronics for their new Power Tour Electric Guitar, held Wednesday night at the Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square.

The $70-dollar toy is inspired by a real Gibson guitar, but it's much easier to jam out on. Twelve songs are built right in, letting you rock out to tunes including "Wild Thing" and "Smoke on the Water." All you have to do is follow the lighted touch sensors on the fret and strum bar.

To prove how easy it is, three groups of real rockers got on stage and proceeded to play with the toy guitars. First was up-and-coming Rhode Island rockers Sideshow. At the target tween demo the company is going after with this product, it was pretty funny to see these little guys rocking out on mini guitars but with big amps, full-size drums, and lots of lights on stage.

Next up, Tom Higgenson and Dave Tirio, two of the five Plain White T's. They had the summer of 2007's official anthem, "Hey There Delilah." The duo explained they would have sung the song everyone knows from the radio, but the Power Tour doesn't have an acoustic mode. So they sang another tune familiar to those of us who watched ABC Family's Greek. "Our Time Now" will be hitting Top 40 airwaves any day now.

Still, the highlight of the evening went to Kiss, or at least band members in attendance Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley. After an audience-assisted rendition of "Rock And Roll All Nite," Stanley was torn whether it was going to be a PR fiasco to smash the toy guitar at an event designed to promote it. With some well wishing by the audience, it was time to bust it up. The little guitar held up pretty well, but eventually smashed to a few pieces, just like the real thing. I was able to snag a bit of video from my digital camera, so check it out.

And, oh yeah, the volume dial on the Power Tour Electric Guitar goes up to 11! (if you're unfamiliar with the significance of this, check here)

Power Tour Electric Guitar