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Thumbs up! These emoji paintings really class up the place

Yes, you can now buy oil paintings to turn those funky characters into beautiful works of art. Or, works of fart, as is the case with the poop emoji.

You wish your artwork was as cool as this cool emoji oil painting.
Emoji Oil Paintings

Are you the kind of person who always uses emoji when communicating? You know you are, winky face!

A new service wants to help you proudly show off your love of the Japanese pictograms by turning them into elaborate works of art you'll want to hang on your wall.

As its name suggests, Emoji Oil Paintings sells individual oil paintings of some of the most popular emoji out there. Choices include the sunglass-wearing cool emoji, heart eyes, raised hands, heart, tears of joy and, of course, the poop emoji.

Each piece is designed in New York City and hand-painted by artists in Dafen, China. Rest assured the artists in Dafen are well compensated for the work and can work from home. (You can read more about Dafen and its 8,000 or so artists and painters in this blog post from personal-art retailer Instapainting, which uses such artists for the company's products.)

Most of the emoji paintings retail for $80 (about £55, AU$110), but the coveted poop emoji variant will set you back $100 (about £65, AU$140), plus additional fees for shipping.

"The poop emoji costs $20 extra because we could," company founder Alex Godin tells CNET's Crave blog. I can only imagine Alex said that while doing a shruggie, which I genuinely hope is the next oil painting he decides to do.

If you're feeling cheap, you can buy a mystery emoji painting for $65 (£45, AU$90). You can also order a frame for the paintings in one of four colors for an extra $100.

The company is only making 100 paintings of each emoji, so you'll want to decide pretty quickly if you want to hang these elaborate works of fart in your house. If nothing else, this is probably the only piece of crap you might actually want to see on your wall.


One of the Dafen, China-based artists working on a poop emoji oil painting.

Emoji Oil Paintings