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Thumbs up! iPad Fling joystick now in Apple stores

Ten One Design's thumb-rockin' game controller is available for your FPS and RPG titles for $19.95.

Ten One Design

Want to get more hands-on control with your iPad games? Ten One Design's nifty Fling joystick is now in Apple stores across the U.S.

Fling sticks to your iPad with two suction cups alongside a plastic spiral. The analog device doesn't require any batteries, software, or ports.

You just stick it on and use the small black thumb-stick in the center of the plastic circle. Proper positioning, though, can be tricky.

It's transparent, so you can see whatever's underneath on your iPad screen. Check out the vid below.

The Fling is designed to make gameplay easier if you're playing titles with an on-screen directional pad or virtual joystick, such as Meteor Blitz, Across Age, or Super Megaworm.

Read our quick review of using Fling with N.O.V.A., Dead Space, Lego Harry Potter, Reckless Racing, and NBA Jam here.

Fling is available in Apple stores or at Ten One Design for $19.95. You can get two for $29.95.