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Thumbdrive-size computer now available for preorder

It looks just like a USB stick, but this sweet device is actually a full-on computer, and you can order yours now.

FXI Technologies

Cotton candy isn't just a sugary treat anymore; it's also a computer in a USB thumbdrive-sized package.

FXI Technologies' ARM-powered computer-in-a-stick, Cotton Candy, was on show at MWC, where the company announced that it is taking preorders for this tiny device.

We first saw this little computer last year when it was revealed to have an ARM Cortex-A9 1.2GHz processor, 1GB of RAM, a Mali 400 GPU for high-definition video decoding, and support for both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

One end of the device plugs into a USB port for power while the other end connects to a display via HDMI. The idea is that it can work as a computer when plugged into any display.

The computer has a microSD card slot supporting up to 64GB of memory and a Micro-USB port to connect to additional peripherals. Users have to go online to register and download the operating system (either Android 4.0 or Ubuntu) after purchase.

Compared with the earlier prototype, the Cotton Candy's exterior design now looks more polished and sleek. It is expected to ship in Europe and U.S. next month with a retail price of $199.

(Source: Crave Asia via The Verge)