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Thrust your rump into a chair made from a 737 engine

Get ready to take off to a higher plane of furniture design with a honking chair crafted from a Boeing jet engine cowling.

737 Cowling Chair
The safest way to sit inside a jet engine.
Fallen Furniture

Look down. What kind of chair are you sitting on? It might be wood. It might be all cushions and plastic with tilt and up-and-down controls. It might be leather if you're fancy. Now look at the 737 Cowling Chair from Fallen Furniture. Feel the envy course through your veins.

Fallen Furniture describes the creation as "colossal," "luxurious," "epic" and "captivating." It spins. It sits in the original orientation like you would see if it was mounted to an airplane.

The interior is upholstered in black leather, giving it the impression of being a never-ending pit, like you could just crawl inside and then keep going. It won't fit in just any living room. You're going to need a lot of space to display this beast of a chair.

Fallen Furniture is very much into upcycling old aircraft parts. The firm also offers a table made from an Airbus A320 escape hatch, a Boeing 747 wheel table, a stunning drinks cabinet crafted from a Royal Air Force MK1 practice cluster bomb and a piece of fuselage redone as wall art.

Let's think about who might want this chair. Aviation enthusiasts are an obvious target audience. It's the plane-fan equivalent of those 1957 Chevy trunk sofas that car guys love. Whenever you see an extravagant piece of furniture designed to invoke a sense of awe, you must also consider the supervillian market. It would go great with this gold-plated skull chair.

The 737 Cowling Chair doesn't have a price listed. You will have to make an inquiry, but we know how that usually goes. If you have to ask...

(Via Neatorama)