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Thrillist heads to San Francisco

E-mail list 'for dudes' expands beyond NYC and LA; creates Bay Area version.

New York-based dude-about-town newsletter Thrillist--I've heard its founders describe it as "DailyCandy for guys," though the two are not affiliated--will be expanding further beyond its Gotham roots very soon. Today's edition of the morning read announced that sign-ups are now open for the upcoming Thrillist San Francisco list.

Presumably, it'll be like its existing Gotham and Los Angeles brethren: a mix of restaurant and bar picks with a distinct penchant for high-quality barbecue and stiff cocktails; edgy shopping picks (don't worry, boys, it's O.K. to look dashing); and the latest in the hyperlocal Web, like yesterday's Thrillist New York pick, the Ugly Outfits New York blog.

(Don't live in one of those three cities? There's also a "Thrillist Nation" list for everyone else. The quality's up to par, though the content typically isn't quite as good because the insider-y, "local expert" slant is what makes the New York and Los Angeles editions so readable.)

"This is a big deal for us," the Thrillist e-mail wrote in the announcement that its San Francisco edition is imminent. "We're psyched to get started in a city where the mayor sexes up his underlings, the waters churn with man-eating sharks, and people consume more alcohol per capita than anywhere else in the country (sorry Louisiana and parts of Texas)."

The Bay Area has never sounded so...macho.