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Three more cameras from Fujifilm: the FinePix F60fd, FinePix J150w, and FinePix S2000HD

Fujifilm debuts three new point-and-shoot cameras

FinePix F60fd

There's been a spate of new camera launches the past few weeks from Sony, Nikon, and Fujifilm who announced the U.S. launch of the FinePix Z200fd on July 31 and is now confirming the U.S. launch of the FinePix F60fd, FinePix J150w, and FinePix S2000HD (though the Canadians helped out a bit with this news on August 1).

The little, lightweight F60fd (2.3 by 3.6 by 0.9 inches (HWD); about 6 ounces) is--like much of its competition--overflowing with "useful" features to make shooting great pictures in any situation as simple as possible while achieving excellent results no matter who's finger is on the shutter button. You've got your advanced face recognition for up to 10 faces (still or in motion) with auto red-eye removal, 13 shooting modes as well as auto scene detection (SR Auto mode) that'll pick the correct scene for you, dual image stabilization, and ISO sensitivity up to 6,400 (though resolution drops to 3 megapixels at that setting). Hardware features include a 12-MegaPixel 1/1.6-inch Super CCD HR, 3x optical zoom, and a 3.0-inch LCD. Plus, it'll take xD, SD, and SDHC cards.

FinePix J150w Fujifilm

The FinePix J150w is a fairly basic compact point-and-shoot camera featuring a 10-MegaPixel CCD sensor, a 3.0-inch LCD, and 5x wide-angle optical zoom lens (28mm-140mm equivalent on 35mm camera). Though not as technology filled as the F60fd it'll still have 13 shooting modes and face detection with auto red-eye removal. The F60fd and J150w are headed to stores in September with price tags of $299.95 and $199.95, respectively.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, the S2000HD is a DSLR-style, 10-megapixel, 15x ultrazoom camera with the ability to capture motion JPEG video at resolutions up to 720p. It'll debut in September with the other two at a retail price of $299.95.