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Thousands petition to unmask Affleck from Batman role

The protest movement against Academy Award winner Ben Affleck taking on the role of Batman reaches the petition stage.

Grumpy Cat dislikes Affleck.
Some Batman fans are feeling a little grumpy.

The announcement that Ben Affleck will don the hallowed Batsuit for the upcoming "Man of Steel" sequel has led to what can fairly be described as a massive hissyfit from some fans. To see just how massive, we can check in at, where more than 75,000 people have signed a petition to register their disgust and demand Affleck's removal from the role.

The petition gives a litany of reasons why Warner Brothers should dump Affleck from the film project. These include inadequate acting skills to portray Bruce Wayne. ("He's not intimidating enough for the role of Batman," writes petition-starter John Roden. Says a signer, "He can't carry a movie on his own and is certainly no superhero.") Also cited: his "atrocious" portrayal of superhero Daredevil in the 2003 movie of the same name.

"I would like to add that this petition was not meant in any way to harm Ben Affleck or his career. I respect Affleck's work, I just feel he is inappropriate for the role," writes Roden.

Anti-Affleckers also started a petition on We the People, the White House's official petition site, but it was quickly removed for violating the terms of participation. So don't go crying to President Obama if you don't like the casting decision.

The new film sounds like it will be a Superman-Batman buddy flick. It will bring back Henry Cavill as Superman, along with "Man of Steel" director Zack Snyder. The film is still in pre-production, but has an anticipated release date of 2015.

One of the latest rumors is that Bryan Cranston from "Breaking Bad" has been cast to play villain Lex Luthor, giving him another opportunity to rock the bald look. Nobody seems to be complaining about this role choice.

There is one thought that should bring comfort to all these Affleck-opposers. There's no way this Super-Bat movie will be worse than "Gigli."

(Via CBS Detroit)