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Thousands line up for iPhone 4S in Hong Kong

More than half of the 3,000 Apple fans who show up are turned away, and police are called in to instill order.

Apple fans spent the night in numbered "pens" to get their hands on an iPhone 4S.
AFP video screenshot by Eric Mack/CNET

The launch of the iPhone 4S in Hong Kong today has created a chaotic scene at the Apple store there, where thousands turned out hours ahead of time to line up for the latest iOS gadget.

China-focused tech site M.I.C Gadget reports that although more than 3,000 iPhone fans turned out, Apple was only allowing 1,250 to stand in line. When some folks were turned away, things reportedly started to turn ugly, and the police were called in to help keep order.

The lineup was divided into numbered "pens" of a few dozen people each. In the case of a bathroom break, security officers assigned numbers to customers and took their picture with an iPad to match up with their face upon their return, saving that person's place in line.

It's also been reported that scalpers and "professional queuers" make up a good portion of the people in line and have been seen trying to cut in line and threatening customers. In the video below, local student Bob Li told the AFP he should be able to make an easy 100 bucks or more in profit by reselling the new phone right away.