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Thor as metal-factory worker? Superheroes get part-time jobs

A geeky illustrator imagines the perfect everyday jobs for superheroes who might need a break from all the danger and glitz. Who knows? Superman could end up in the cubicle next to yours.

Thor working in a metal factory
Chow Hon Lam

Crime doesn't pay, but neither does fighting it. Aside from Batman and Iron Man, most superheroes don't have trust funds to fall back on to pay the rent. So where do the likes of Spider-Man, Thor, and Captain America go to earn a living wage?

That's exactly what Malaysian illustrator Chow Hon Lam asked himself when he designed these humorous illustrations of superheroes on the job in the everyday world. In an interview with Enfuzed, the owner of online print and T-shirt store Flying Mouse 365 explained what made him decide to show superheroes in jobs many mere mortals share.

The "Part Time Job" project actually started with a batch of six superheroes with their part-time jobs, surprisingly it received very good responses from people. I decided to continue this project and create more "part time jobs" for them. Those superheroes definitely can do more jobs with their abilities beside save the world.

The jobs make perfect sense. Flash delivering pizzas! The Human Torch covered in rotisserie chickens! Spider-Man webbing tennis rackets! Mr. Fantastic picking apples off tall trees! Wolverine makes an excellent butcher (not to mention tree trimmer, hairstylist, or ice sculpture artist). Superman working for the U.S. Postal Service might actually save it from being totally replaced by e-mail and FedEx. Though, if anyone ever sent Kryptonite mail art, look out!

However, Thor hammering steel in a metal factory seems rather boring when he could be using that hammer to build bridges or tenderize steaks as a Top Chef!

What about the ladies? Wonder Woman could lasso the truth during IRS audits or start her own invisible airline. Storm could be the only meteorologist we'd believe. And Emma Frost would make a stellar marriage counselor or pro poker player. Where else would reading minds come in handy?

Of course, some superheroes might want to telecommute. The last thing we'd want is The Hulk or Thing working behind the counter in a Faberge Egg gift shop.

It's endearing to see bigger-than-life superheroes in our shoes for a change. We might not be multimillionaires with flashy costumes, telekinetic powers, and an evil nemesis to fight. But it's fun to see thankless jobs done by those heroes who might need a break from the danger and the glitz. Aquaman washing dishes may just be our Moment of Zen.

Spider-Man webbing tennis rackets
Chow Hon Lam
Superman delivering mail
Chow Hon Lam