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This YouTube channel puts big-name celebrities in the hot seat

Hot Ones is a show where celebrities talk about their latest projects, but all while eating progressively spicier hot wings.

Recently, I've been writing articles sharing some of my favorite channels on YouTube. Last week I featured Smarter Everyday, and I've also covered Ten Second Songs, Binging with Babish, You Suck at Cooking and others.

Today I've got another great channel: First We Feast, which consists of a lot of food-related shows, but more specifically, I want to talk about one show called Hot Ones. In this show, host Sean Evans does interviews with celebrities while all parties involved eat progressively hotter wings. He gets good questions in there about their latest projects and movies, but the show really gets good when they start turning up the heat.

One word of warning, as a YouTube channel, nobody shies away from using strong language.

Jim Gaffigan is always funny, but when he admits that the second hot wing is already too hot for him, you realize maybe he's not going to make it to the end:

Next we have Ricky Gervais who is not really familiar with American hot wings. I'll put it this way, he feels the burn:

One of my favorite sketch comedy shows is Key and Peele and they don't disappoint as the wings get spicier and spicier:

James Franco and Bryan Cranston talk movies and eat wings. They felt the heat, but finished like champs:

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