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This year, elect a video game president

Tired of following the run for America's president? Gaming Web site IGN calls on voters (including those under 18) to cast a ballot in the video game presidential election.

We don't recommend you actually write any of these names out in the real voting booth.
Image by Christopher MacManus/CNET

Forget Barack Obama or Mitt Romney. This year, I'm voting for Link from Legend of Zelda.

Let's face it, during presidential-election seasons, the non-stop chatter about Republicans, Democrats, and Independents, plus all the drama, lies, and repetitious arguments, can get almost dizzying. To offer some relief, gaming Web site IGN created the 2012 Video Game Presidential Election featuring five candidates from iconic video game franchises.

The potential video game presidents include Commander Shepard from Mass Effect, Nathan Drake of Uncharted, Dr. Gordon Freeman of Half-Life (PC), Ezio from Assassin's Creed, and the aforementioned Link. The chosen candidates came from more than 10 million votes cast in an IGN poll by gamers around the world.

Of course, a president needs a vice president, and the votes so far place Solid Snake with Drake, Fox McCloud alongside Link, and Marcus Fenix with Shepard. Supposedly, more content on IGN's portal should indicate when the voting process occurs (sometime next week), while the results come on November 1.

Surprisingly, Mario came a close second to Link in the voting to establish candidates. Who would you have chosen for the video game president? Hopefully whoever wins can lower those $59.99 base prices for major games and put a stop the never-ending horde of incessant downloadable content packs.