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This week's viral victor: Man insults monkey, monkey dropkicks him

Technically Incorrect: YouTube is ablaze with millions laughing at a piece of Indian footage that shows a man giving the finger to a monkey and then...

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

First there's the eyeballing. Then there's the dropkicking. KEEp_with/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Last week, a US judge ruled that chimpanzees have human rights.

Shimla monkeys, on the other hand, believe that humans can stick their rights where the sun never dares to beam. Because they believe in taking the law into their own hands. Or, more precisely, into their own feet.

I have learned this because of a piece of YouTube footage that has already been enjoyed by almost 3 million people since it was posted 4 days ago.

It's a glorious homage to human hubris and animal retribution.

The scene is a street in Shimla, India. A youth passes by and decides to show the Shimla monkey who is the king of the jungle.

He uses traditional youth vernacular. Yes, he faces the monkey and offers him the middle-fingered greeting of dismissal.

The monkey is clearly no stranger to this insult. He pauses for just a moment. Then he leaps at the youth, as if he's just one more WWE opponent to be vanquished from the top rope.

The youth goes down. He appears shaken, but gets up without further insult to the monkey or his own youthhood.

The India Guide's description of the monkeys begins: "The Monkeys of Shimla are not pleasant animals." It adds that tourists often rent large sticks with which to threaten the monkeys.

Perhaps the monkeys of Simla deserve to join the next generation of rising stars on YouTube.

However, there's a certain poetry to this encounter. A human thinks himself superior and then ends upon his bottom.

A metaphor for our civilization, surely.