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This week in Crave: Tron, Google raises, Boxee

It wasn't all Galaxy Tab this week. If you missed it, we have tablet updates, good news for Googlers, and more.

It was Galaxy Tab week here at Crave, for sure, as carriers and retailers get ready to sell what some are considering the first real challenger to the iPad. But that's not all that we've talked about, because that's not how we roll. This week has also been about giveaways, cases, and Internet TV.

A must-have iPad case. Credit: CNET/Sarah Tew

• We're giving away a Mint robot floor cleaner. Don't you need one?

• Boxee's hardware gets Netflix and Hulu Plus.

• We go all crazy over the best iPad cases.

• OK, so something about the Galaxy Tab: How do you feel about a 10-incher?

• Have you heard about this Black Ops thing people keep talking about?

• Apple pushes out a new OS update, a new iTunes, but not an iOS update as many thought.

• Congratulations on the raise, Google employees!

• The TSA's getting heat for wanting to see you all naked.

• History Channel comes to your Windows Phone.

• I want to see Tron Legacy so bad I can taste it. In 3D!