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This week in Crave: Things we learned

Lessons from the world of gadget news this week.

For a sleepy week in August, there were still a fair share of happenings in gadget land. Besides even more rumors, and fallout from the Google/Apple snit over Google Voice, we learned a lot this week, including:

Chef Stack pancakes

• Gadgets "made for women, by women are generally gag-inducing.

• Not every magical food-making machine--like this incredible pancake maker--is from Japan.

• Samsung reminded us that there's no trend it won't chase, including green gadgets.

• And we discovered that we're not the only ones disappointed by the lack of an "eject" button on our remotes.

• Scott Stein helped us decide whether to take time to design our own budget laptop or go with a fixed configuration.

• Also, thanks to its habit of filing patents, Apple showed it's tired of you microwaving your iPhone and asking for a replacement.