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This week in Crave: The unplugged edition

Whether you've been caught up in the "Hunger Games" frenzy or emerging from a 24-hour tech detox, get back up to speed with Crave's week in review.

Too busy flinging birds in space to keep up with Crave this week? Well, how about you come back down to Earth for a little while and catch up on all the latest stories?

Send us your Draw Something creations! Karyne Levy/CNET

• Not sure what I've gotten myself into, but I'm going 24 hours without tech for the National Day of Unplugging. Stay tuned to see how it went...

• Researchers are working on robotic jellyfish, which means sharks with laser beams can't be far away, right? Gulp.

• OK, everyone calm down. That iPad heat issue? It's pretty much a non-issue.

• Here's a hot topic though: BioWare may change the ending of Mass Effect 3 after a fan revolt, but should they?

• I mean, really, these companies couldn't come up with better names for their products than this?

• Go ahead, call your dad a geek. He'll love it. No, really.

• Been saving your pennies? This Leica camera costs $31,792.

• We know we're not the only Draw Something addicts out there. Send us your drawings for a chance to be featured in an upcoming photo gallery. Our favorite will also win two cool prizes!

• Here's a screwy DIY project, and we mean that in the best possible way.

• This DIY project is awesome too. It's like a little part of Super Mario Bros. come to life.

• Low Latency No. 15: Where the DeLorean has been replaced by an app.

• Once again, the Crave podcast delves into the world of weird with talk of human meringues and hand cranks.

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