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This week in Crave: The true-confessions edition

This week brought a terrifying disembodied robobaby, three new WebOS devices from HP, and an iPhone app for the penitent.

Confession: A Roman Catholic App
Little iApps

Too busy mourning the death of Guitar Hero this week to keep up with all things Crave? Here's what you missed while you were wondering how to live out your rock star dreams now that Activision's cutting the chord on the game.

• Nikon went zoom crazy with its new Coolpix cams.

• We got our hands on the new HP TouchPad.

• Intel's Sandy Bridge and AMD's Fusion went chip-to-chip in a gaming showdown.

• Forgive me iPhone for I have sinned.

• A new robot baby head made us cower in fear.

• Speaking of heads, Wafaa Bilal had an implanted camera removed from his.

• Dell means business with its new 10-inch Windows 7 tablet.

• Ten years have brought major changes to CNET reporter Dong Ngo's Vietnamese village.

• What's the fate of the iPod Classic?

Nikon Coolpix L120
Is Nikon's Coolpix L120 cool enough for you? Nikon

• Up, up, and away for the robot stealth plane.

• Sorry, Motor City; it's not looking good for that RoboCop statue.

• Oh yeah, and there was that Verizon iPhone thing...

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