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This week in Crave: The toil and trouble edition

This week, we stopped selling our magic potions on eBay and started wondering if we might see a Windows Surface RT tablet for less than $200. Also, amazing photos taken with the iPhone.

Winston Churchill would probably ROTFL if he saw what OMG became.
Library of Congress

Been busy looking for places to buy genie manifestation potions now that eBay won't be selling them anymore? Slow down for a moment. We've got plenty of spells and hexes for you right here in our weekly Crave rundown.

- Oh. My. God. Churchill received history's first OMG?

- Darksiders II will brighten your summer, gamers.

- A Windows RT Surface tablet for $199? Don't bet on it quite yet.

- Robot worm wriggles, writhes, explores your insides!

- And speaking of creepy-crawlies, meet the new bug species spotted on Flickr.

- Hot news! Temp-sensing collar texts you when Fido might be overheating.

- Illuminated water graffiti, however, is H2O so cool.

- These photos were taken with an iPhone? Really?

- So, what's your survival advice for Best Buy?

- Scientists beam quantum states across 90 miles.

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