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This week in Crave: The stargazing edition

This week, we looked skyward to see Discovery's last flight -- and constellations made using LEDs, fiber optics, nylon line, and giant slingshots. Also, we got a rare look inside DC Comics' N.Y. headquarters and took a ride on a superyacht fit for supervillains.

Too busy lamenting that Japan gets all the cool stuff first to keep up with Crave this week? Cheer up! We've got plenty of cool stuff right here in our look back at the week that was.

• Who knew dumpsters could snap pretty pictures?

• Speaking of amazing shots, don't miss these views of Shuttle Discovery's last flight.

Hitched to the back of a NASA 747 jumbo jet, Discovery flies over the Smithsonian Castle Tuesday in this photo by Darren Milligan. Click on the image for more great shots. Darren Milligan

• Camera makers are screwing up on Wi-Fi, says Joshua Goldman. Here's how.

• Star light, star bright, first LED star I see tonight.

• A rare peek inside DC Comics' N.Y. digs. No Kryptonite threats required.

• Commute driving you crazy? These headphones could ease the pain.

• So, what really happened at New Mexico's less-famous UFO landing site?

• Rock out to a Star Wars Lego barrel organ -- or a Tupac hologram.

• The Adastra superyacht: fit for a Bond supervillain (and us).

• Liquidmetal? Really? Don't they know we've seen the sci-fi movies?

• This Game Boy dress really pushes our geek buttons.

• Got any weekend plans? (Besides the Diablo III free open beta, that is.)

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