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This week in Crave: The red-hot edition

This week, we prepared for the possible return of Darth Vader, started packing for a trip to Mars, and stared into a stunning solar eclipse.

Did you foresake all else to play Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 this week? Just in case Crave got shot down in all that first-personal shooting, here's a look back at some of the stories you missed.

- Carry on with those Mars vacation plans, travelers. Red Planet radiation has been deemed safe for humans.

With radiation levels on Mars apparently safe, how long will it be before astronauts start exploring the "Total Recall" planet? TriStar Pictures

- iGangsters lift $1.5 million worth of iPad Minis from N.Y. airport.

- Awww. R2-D2 engagement ring charms geeky girl's heart.

- Superscary "Star Wars" rumor: Darth Vader to get resurrected?

- 3D-printing photo booth delivers Mini-Me action figures.

- Pay for sexy Instagram pics, donate to Sandy victims.

- Look, techy Scrabble nerds: an RFID-enabled board!

- Heated gloves tend to each finger's temperature needs.

- Miss this week's total solar eclipse? Gaze upon these stunning shots:

And if you want a break from Black Ops 2, what about Guild Wars 2, how about a free copy for you and five friends?