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This week in Crave: The patented edition

This week, we reached a verdict on our favorites robots, thumbed through Curiosity's vacation photo album, and took a ride on a donkey hot spot.

It's election time! Too busy deciding who should make it into the Robot Hall of Fame to keep up with Crave all week? Put down your ballots for a moment and take a look back at the week that was.

Art Game Venus statue
Modern gadget design meets Louvre masterpieces. Leo Caillard

- You might have heard of a verdict reached in an itty-bitty patent case? The result you expected?

- If Venus de Milo had an iPhone, she would look like this.

- Microsoft's logo got a makeover. What do you think of it?

- Note-taking app Evernote teams with... a paper company?

- Yee-haw! The west is getting even wilder in Grand Theft Auto V.

- Huddle around as we play Madden 13 on Vita and Kinect.

- When life-saving gadgets fail: a personal story.

- Some of our favorite shots snapped by the Mars Curiosity rover so far.

- The best five solid-state drives available right now.

- Wave your hands in the air designers.

- Bray-king news! Bible theme park gets Wi-Fi-enabled donkeys.

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