This week in Crave: The mind games edition

This week wasn't just about the Verizon iPhone. We also played a game using our brainwaves, tested Sandy Bridge, and tried to stay warm.

Matt Hickey
With more than 15 years experience testing hardware (and being obsessed with it), Crave freelance writer Matt Hickey can tell the good gadgets from the great. He also has a keen eye for future technology trends. Matt has blogged for publications including TechCrunch, CrunchGear, and most recently, Gizmodo. Matt is a member of the CNET Blog Network and is not an employee of CBS Interactive. E-mail Matt.
Matt Hickey
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We were practically ready for this week to be over on Tuesday, when Verizon (without help from Steve Jobs) announced that it had finally landed the iPhone. It's not that it's not good news for some (or bad for others), we were just tired of writing about the rumors. We never have to again. Now we all just want naps.

A game powered by brainwaves! Tim Hornyak/CNET

But it wasn't all about Verizon's latest and greatest, there was plenty of other good stuff going on this week.

• We're pretty cool here at Crave, but even we don't know what the next PSP will look like. Here's a gallery of possibilities we've put together. What do you think it'll be like?

• Sometimes you game so much that you forget to do things, like pay the heating bill. If so, we've got a roundup of warm tech to help keep your tootsies toasty during your next WoW raid.

• My iPhone has to connect to a server to tell me if it's going to rain, but Motorola's Xoom tablet apparently, has a barometer. Well, OK then.

• One of the drawbacks of 3D PCs is the big glasses. Fujitsu thinks it has the answer: glasses-free 3D PC. Say it out loud for co-worker fun!

• As if that's not sci-fi enough, Mattel has a new brainwave-powered game. It's not fancy, kind of a telekinetic Pong, but it could lead to really fun stuff.

Fujitsu glasses-free PC
The world's first "glasses-free" 3D PC. Fujitsu

• Oh, yeah, Intel's got a fancy new laptop processor, and our labs put it through its paces. The verdict? Well, you have to see for yourself.

• Sony is getting all legal against one of our favorite jailbreakers, Geohot. I'll be making popcorn.

• A new week, a new iPad2 rumor, this one stating that the next-gen device won't have a home button, and maybe no physical buttons at all. Neat!

• A member of the CNET family shows that with a little know-how and a steady wrist, you can replace the battery in your iPod Touch (and maybe iPhone?) for less than $10. I'd be too nervous to let a kid try, but then I'm a pantywaist.

• And then there was something about a new zodiac chart that doesn't exist but still got a lot of people going cray-cray about losing their astrology sign. Don't worry, you're still a Gemini.

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