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This week in Crave: The iPad-invasion edition

You may have heard that Apple made a little product announcement this week. But that's not the only thing that went down in the gadget world.

You probably haven't heard about this yet since there was virtually no media coverage, but Apple made a little product announcement this week that went practically ignored in the tech world. Here's everything you need to know about that iPad thing you probably heard bupkis about.

But a few bits of non-iPad-related gadget news managed to sneak in, as well:

Entrosys air-conditioning system
It's one way to stay cool while on your motorcycle. Entrosys

• LG brought back the rabbit ears.

• This ice-packing helmet is cold--and very cool.

• And in other motorcycle tech news...

• Problems for Panasonic plasmas?

• Classic Activision titles--DRM-free!

• Warning: This sweater is spying on you.

• All flights should be rerouted through the Hong Kong Airport.

• This robot kicks butt at football (soccer, for us in America).

See anything we missed? Got a good gadgety tip for us. Write to us at crave at cnet dot com.