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This week in Crave: The incredible shrinking edition

Here's some of what you missed in non-PS3 Slim news this week.

Too busy getting all your PlayStation 3 Slim questions answered to keep up with the non-PS3 news on Crave this week? No worries. Here's some of what you missed.

• Can't wait another second to get your hands on the Zune HD?

Meet Razer's Naga, an MMO-ouse. Razer

• You say Netbook, I say notebook (let's call the whole thing off).

• Got $1,000 to drop? You might like this iPhone case.

• And speaking of...the EU wants to know why the iPhone went Boom Boom Pow.

• Motala got a permanent pachyderm prosthesis.

• Razer Naga: A mouse for the MMO crowd.

• PowerShots proliferated, and we've got the pics to prove it.

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