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This week in Crave: The feeling-blue edition

This week, we said hello to the white PS Vita and goodbye to the Aqua Blue 3DS. And we tried to keep our emotional vacuum robot from getting upset.

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Nintendo's saying farewell to this classic 3DS color variation. Nintendo

• Looking for a good Android camera app? Here are the best 12 out there.

• Smart sneaker charges your phone while you walk, cannot help you jump higher.

• Which new smartphone will be summer's sleeper?

• Lucky Japan getting a white PlayStation Vita.

• But sayonara, Aqua Blue Nintendo 3DS.

• Turn your iPad into an Etch A Sketch -- real knobs and all!

• Uh-oh. Vacuum bots have emotions now?

• There'll be no ifs, ands, or (robotic) butts about this story.

• A $7,950 monochrome digital camera? Not as crazy as it sounds.

• Take a deep breath "Star Wars" fans, then behold this epic AT-AT PC.

• The pebble smart watch keeps making ripples on Kickstarter.

• We've found the perfect Mark Zuckerberg hoodie.

• Let us pray (and play a video game while we're at it).

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