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This week in Crave: The escapist edition

This week, we got some quiet time with the Asus Zenbook, rocked out to game tunes from the London Philharmonic, and sent an itty-bitty satellite into space.

Too busy pondering your level of annoyance with Research In Motion this week to keep up with Crave? Here's some of what you missed while you were trying to cope with your CrackBerry woes.

The Royal Navy ejector seat: because sometimes you need to get out of there--now. When It's Gone, It's Gone

• Q: Siri, when will you be on iOS devices besides the new iPhone 4S? A: Ask the hackers.

• Inhale. Exhale. The Asus Zenbook is here.

• Wait, HP did what?

• Real birds turned Angry Birds!

• Feel like you just have to escape the office--fast? Try this ejector seat.

• Send your own teeny-tiny satellite into space.

• Guess who's back? Darth Maul!

• Tablet app could change everything for blind typists.

• Legend of Zelda and Splinter Cell tunes--courtesy of the London Philharmonic.

• Jeff and Dan toured Gotham's worst (and lived to tell the tale).

• Something we decidedly do not Crave: E.coli on our cell phones.

• Something we always Crave, on the other hand: Donald and Eric's weekly podcast!

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