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This week in Crave: The 24-carat edition

This week, we reflected on Chrome, gazed at the stars, turned our house into one big game controller, and dropped way too much cash on an Amazon Kindle.

Amosu Couture gold Kindle
The Kindle joins the cast of Solid Gold dancers.
Amosu Couture

Too busy saving up for a gold-plated Kindle this week to keep up with Crave? Here's what you missed while you were forgetting that we're just coming out of a recession.

• Chromebook, Netbook, iPad: Which gets your $500?

• Are video games art? The NEA thinks so.

• This Japan novelty bra lifts--and uplifts.

• Why does Japan get all the good stuff, anyway?

• Turn your whole house into a game controller.

• Samsung shows a supersharp tablet display. (Wonder if it will show up on that Amazon tablet we've been hearing about.)

• Stargaze like never before.

• Over or under? The great toilet paper debate continues.

• Make out with your iPhone.

• Wow, even cigarettes are into social networking these days.

• Better act fast on those FlipShare videos.

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