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This week in Crave: New iPhones (again) and dung Beetles

Didn't stay up to the minute on Crave this week? Don't worry; our handy roundup is here to save the day.

This week was low key on the official-news front, but rather busy on the rumors front. As a gadgets blog, we report on rampant speculation, as well as cold, hard facts--and everything in the middle. Here's some of what you missed.

• Fact: Amazon releases two free games for the Kindle.

• Rumor: iPhone 5 might be here sooner than we think, with a smaller iPad in tow.

Wow, look at the calves on that guy. Video screenshot by Tim Hornyak/CNET

• We think: This might be the best case for the iPad.

• For nerds: Is PC gaming about to zenith?

• For geeks: How a life-size Gundam comes to be, with video.

• Awesome: Samsung's new point-n-shoot has a built-in USB plug, and it's about time.

• We ask: Have you heard about this new BlackBerry, the Torch?

• Free: We're giving away a gaming headset, and you could win.

• Sort of gross: New VW Beetle gets powered by poop.

• Dunno: When will all Android users get Froyo?

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