This poop-themed anime game wants you to care about your digestive health

New mobile game Unkore encourages players to pay attention to their symptoms.

Bonnie Burton
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Bonnie Burton

Talk intimately about your poo with cute anime game characters. 


The color and shape of your poop might not sound like interesting discussion fodder, but if you plan to play the Japanese mobile game Unkore be prepared to chat about your scat. 

The game, free on Android and iOS devices, features cute anime girls who go on special missions in the fantasy realm of Utopia. The game sounds like a typical fantasy quest game, but it has an interesting twist. 

If you want to earn in-game currency, you have to tell the game's characters about your daily bowel movements. It's not a weird fetish game, but instead a new campaign from health awareness nonprofit Japan Unko Society to make gamers more conscious of their digestive health, and important issues such as colon cancer.

"Since the quality of your feces can be an early indicator of health problems," according to Sora News 24, "Unkore tracks your answers, and if your responses are starting to look abnormal, will recommend seeing a doctor for an examination." 


Describing the color and consistency of your  bowel movements earns you points, but can also help you detect early signs of possible health issues like colon cancer.


The unusual game also rewards players with the "in-game means to recruit characters and obtain items through its Gacha/Lootbox drops for use in clicker game-style battles against harmful bacteria and tumors, represented as monstrous slimes and demons."

The game's adorable anime characters are also human representations of helpful intestinal bacteria, as well as other references to digestive health. If this game doesn't get you excited about paying attention to your poop, nothing will. 

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