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This police department has the wackiest Instagram feed ever

When you live in the land of the midnight sun, law enforcement can sometimes get a little irreverant, Crave's Eric Mack discovers.

REYKJAVIK, Iceland -- Law enforcement is serious business, but when you're policing the world's northernmost capital and putting up with either constant sun, constant dark or constant wind, you just might require a little silliness to maintain your sanity.

After spending a few days in crisp, cool Reykjavik, that's the conclusion I've come to for why the police department here has the most awesomely irreverent Instagram account maintained by public employees that you're likely to see.

Whether they're driving around dressed as Darth Vader and Stormtroopers, doing impressive handstands or taking one of a number of irresistibly cute photos with small children or animals, the top cops near the top of the world pretty much rock their photo feed.

Lest you think all this horseplay is coming at the expense of public safety, take note that Iceland was named the most peaceful country in the world for 2014. Perhaps that's why the cops in Reykjavik have a little extra time on their hands in the first place.