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This PC is an Illusion

An entry into Microsoft's Next-Gen PC design competition uses a visual magic trick so it appears the computer lacks any parts inside.

Can your computer do magic?

This prototype design can. The Illusion PC is one of thousands of entries into the Next-Gen PC Design competition sponsored by Microsoft. Gizmodo spotted it, and I have to agree that it pulls off a pretty nifty visual trick.

The Illusion PC, entry No. 911 in the Next-Gen PC Design Competition. NextGenDesignComp.com

The design makes the PC appear to have no inner components. The designer says the aim was to make the computer not look like a computer, and when turned off to look just like a household decorative object.

The cube measures 8.25 inches on each side and uses a Mini-ITX mainboard, 200-watt mini-PSU, and slot-loading DVD burner meant for laptops. It has room for up to two standard desktop hard drives. The Illusion can also come with a mini 6-inch monitor and TV tuner card as options. A small wireless keyboard and air mouse are used to control the PC.

While it's intended as a home theater PC, it could also be custom built to consumers' tastes, the designer says.

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