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This motorbike is green if not mean

It's not a Harley, but this electric motorcycle looks pretty good

Don't get us wrong: We loved the Michael Dukakis-style ride on an electric scooter that fellow Craver Michael Kanellos took in his video adventure yesterday. But the little red bike won't do a whole lot for your Wild Hogs image, now will it?

If you want to hit the road in all black but also stay green, the "Stealth" motorcycle from Hybrid Technologies may be a more appropriate choice. TechEBlog says the bike only has a top speed of 50 miles per hour, but it looks a lot closer to a Harley than Michael's Maxi-Scooter. (That's not exactly a monumental feat, of course.) The oddest thing, it turns out, is the sound--or, more accurate, lack of it. Hybrid says it may add speakers to give the Stealth hog-like revving noises.

Either way, no one is going to get anywhere close to matching the "KillaCycle" and its record 155.87 miles an hour.