This mask doubles as a Bluetooth headset at CES 2021

Binatone's MaskFone is a $50 washable mask that bids goodbye to muffled mask mouth.

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Daniel Van Boom

Like it or lump it, we're going to be wearing masks for a long time. Tech and gadgets for the coronavirus era are popping up all over CES 2021, an all-digital version of the annual tech trade show, and that includes products aiming to reduce the friction surrounding mask wearing. 

One nifty example is Binatone's MaskFone. It's a $50 (£50, AU$65) washable, N95 mask with a Bluetooth headset inside, allowing you to speak to people on the phone without a mask-muffled voice.


The earbuds are attached to a cable clip that hooks around your ears, and there are buttons for playing, pausing and volume control on the mask itself. The mask also has Siri and Amazon integration, so you can play music with voice controls. 

Binatone says the Bluetooth headset will last for 12 hours. So yes, that means you'll have to charge up your mask. 

It's one of many devices shown off at CES that's tailored for COVID-19 life. LG showed off its range of air purifiers, which included a battery-powered mask with a purifier inside, as well as a portable Puriview Mini purifier you can take with you on the go -- if you're into that sort of thing. Existing products have also been updated, including LG's new InstaView fridge, which opens with voice command and disinfects water with a UV ray. 

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