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This little box turns your smartphone into a scanner

One product looking to make its mark in the mobile-scanning revolution could offer a nice middle ground for those still desiring the high-quality noiseless environment that a dedicated scanner provides.

Goodbye, massive document scanners.

Scanbox, created by Australian design company Limemouse, works as a miniature studio in a box perfect for scanning documents (up to A4 size), receipts, 3D objects, or even a page from a book.

At first glance, the $15 Scanbox may appear like some sort of strange geometric shape, but the peculiar design optimizes lighting conditions for the perfect shot. It only takes a few moments to set up the device, as the user simply aligns a few high-strength magnets built into the box.

A stencil of a smartphone with a square hole sits on top so that the user knows exactly where to place the camera lens every time. When the photo shoot ends, the Scanbox folds back up into a flat shape for easy transportation.

If you seek to shed a little more light on the situation, the $25 Scanbox Plus includes a set of LED lights built into the box to ensure perfect lighting, regardless of the situation.

With the increasing clarity of smartphone cameras, it seems strange to admit that future generations may never use a scanner to digitize documents.

Those thinking that Scanbox seems like a silly gimmick may want to avoid its Kickstarter page, which received $113,000 in support from more than 3,600 backers (with an astonishing 25 days of funding still left to go).

(Via SmartPlanet)