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This Lego-hair bike helmet isn't Lego at all

"Helmet hair" gets a new meaning with a prototype bike helmet designed to look like it came off a Playmobil plastic toy.

A Playmobil figure next to the MOEF and DDB bike helmet.

You might have noticed an eye-catching bike helmet making the internet rounds recently. It looks like brown plastic hair sized up from a toy figurine to fit a full-size human head.

At first glance, you probably thought it was modeled on the hair worn by Lego minifigs. That's totally understandable. The truth behind the prototype concept helmet is that it's designed to mimic Playmobil hair.

Playmobil is a classic childhood toy series still in production today. Playmobil figures are taller than Lego minifigs and the toys are less about building and more about straight-up pretend play.

The bike helmet, which was brought to our attention by Bored Panda, was originally created in 2015 as a collaboration between marketing agency DDB and design firm MOEF. The purpose of the project was to find a way to make helmets more appealing for kids.

The creators took 3D scans of a Playmobil hair piece, scaled it up, printed it out and painted it brown. Padding and a chin strap finish out the design.

The helmet is a one-off and is not available to buy. Simon Higby, one of the helmet's creators, tweeted to both Lego and Playmobil on Monday asking which company would be the first to produce a real helmet based on the idea.

The design is a lot of fun, but there may be some questions about the raised parts of the faux hair catching on pavement or other surfaces in case of an accident. If the helmet ever passes safety tests and goes into production, then our streets may one day be filled with biking Playmobil clones. The helmet was made with kids in mind, but there are plenty of adults who would like to wear one.