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This jacket brings out your inner chameleon

Norwegian design company Drap og Design wants you to unleash your inner animal. Their first product? A jacket that changes colors with the world around you.

The chameleon has long been one of my favorite animals. Imagine being able to readily adapt to the world around you, shifting the color of your skin to blend into the environment. Design company Drap og Design wants to help us connect with the animal kingdom, and its first project was inspired by the chameleon.

Drap og Design's Interacket, featured on maker site Hackaday, lets you interact with objects around you and mimic their color. The translucent jacket has built-in sensors that detect the color of objects you physically touch with your hands. That color is then projected by strips of RGB LED displays running up the sleeves of the jacket, giving it an impressive chameleon-like quality.

The kit uses a pair of Arduino Uno chips, Adafruit Neopixel LED strips and Adafruit color sensors, all powered by a single 9V battery. The jacket itself is made of reflective foil and diffusive fabric to allow the coat to prominently display the colors picked up by the sensors. The group's initial prototype is pretty impressive, as you can see in the video above, but likely doesn't have much practical real-world use.

That could change with future iterations of the Interacket, though, and the folks behind Drap og Design are already nearing completion on their second prototype. They also have other design ideas in the works, each aimed at helping humans experience the "powers" some other animals have. You can keep up with their work by checking out the Drap og Design webpage, or by following them on Hackaday.

LED lights give this jacket the chameleon effect.Drap og Design

(Via Laughing Squid)