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This is why you shouldn't drive while holding a selfie stick

Technically Incorrect: For reasons best known to himself, a man drives a Jeep while holding a selfie stick out of the window. And then he hits traffic. Really hits traffic.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

This is not a good idea. Alex Lopatnyuk/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

President Obama gave selfie sticks the White House seal of approval last week.

This will naturally increase the already vast numbers of people who walk down the street and film themselves while holding a big metal pole.

Is there anywhere a selfie stick shouldn't go? Other than the Smithsonian Museum and a host of other public attractions, that is.

Might I suggest they shouldn't be held by drivers as they roll along the road? This comes to mind only because of a video posted to Facebook by Jeep Experience Poland. (A longer version has emerged onto YouTube.)

In this video a man is driving a Jeep down a dirt road. In his hand is a selfie stick. He hangs it out of the window.

Why he should be doing this is I will leave up to you. However, all seems to be going well for only a couple of seconds.

Then he encounters a little traffic, which isn't always the case on dirt roads. You might wonder that he should have known there was something up ahead.

Still, let's think of this merely as a video of caution.

Let's think of it as a reminder that, even though you're already texting, checking Facebook and tweeting while you drive, hanging a selfie stick out of the window advertises quite clearly that you have lost your sense of decorum as well as your mind.