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Here's what it looks like when 'Star Wars' meets 'Sesame Street'

Join Luke Piewalker, Flan Solo, and Chewie the Cookie on an epic journey to save Princess Parfaita from the hands of the Galactic Empire.

Cookie Monster faces his toughest challenge yet in "Star S'Mores," a "Star Wars" parody brought to you by the letter S, for "Sesame Street."

In "Star S'Mores," Cookie Monster plays Flan Solo, who together with the venerable Jedi Luke Piewalker and Solo's trusty companion Chewie the Cookie, is tasked with saving Princess Parfaita, who was kidnapped and held prisoner on the Death Star. Not only must Flan Solo and friends fight the evil Galactic Empire, Solo must also battle his own desire to devour his chocolate chip cookie pal Chewie.

To help Flan Solo control his urges, the crew seeks help from the wise and wrinkled mentor Only One Cannoli. Cannoli teaches Solo to use the Four, which literally involves Solo counting to four when his cravings are spinning out of control. When that doesn't work, the group seeks out the even wiser and more wrinkled Groda, who teaches Solo yet another form of self-control.

"Star S'Mores" is a good, cute way to teach kids about self-control, and is a pretty fun short for adults as well. Can Flan Solo resist the urge to eat his companion and save Princess Parfaita from Darth Baker and the rest of the evil Galactic Empire? Watch the video at the top of this post to find out.

Flan Solo, Luke Piewalker, and Chewie the Cookie seek the sage wisdom of Groda in "Star S'Mores." Video screenshot by Anthony Domanico/CNET