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This is the R2-D2 drone you're looking for

Just when we thought R2-D2 couldn't get any cooler, he is transformed into a phenomenal flying machine.

This fan-made flying R2-D2 quadcopter makes saving the galaxy look easy.
Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET

We've drooled over Star Wars drones and quadcopters in the form of an X-Wing, an Imperial Star Destroyer and even the Millennium Falcon.

But now we have something even better to dream about -- an R2-D2 Quadcopter Drone.

YouTuber and Star Wars fan Don Melara modded the quadcopter. His new and improved R2-D2 is the kind of droid that takes flight to save us from whatever trouble we've managed to get ourselves into.

Nicknamed "Arturo," this flying astromech includes a DJI GPS autopilot navigation system, an articulating dome, LED jetpack lights, a speaker box and a camera installed into its eye.

"It took approximately eight days to complete the build," Melara wrote on his YouTube page. "It was always a childhood dream of mine that someday, someone would build a flying version of our favorite Star Wars droid. Now, thanks to today's technology and a little bit of a passion for aviation it has become a reality."

Other Star Wars drones that we've seen take flight include this TIE Interceptor and an Imperial Speeder Bike.

Melara commented that he plans to release a video on how he transformed an ordinary R2-D2 toy into this magnificent flying machine. Until then, enjoy this video of his Arturo drone in flight.