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This is the last crazy airplane-landing video you ever need to see

A normal airplane landing into a Frankfurt airport turns into something unexpected when the jet undergoes a startling transformation.

Airplane transforming
Something strange is happening to this airplane.
Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

Thrilling airplane videos are a popular genre online. We were wowed by the Boeing 787 Dreamliner shooting into the sky during a near-vertical takeoff. We gasped as an Airbus slid onto a runway while buffeted by powerful crosswinds. We couldn't look away as a small Piper Cherokee merged into car traffic on a road.

A YouTube video titled "Spectacular landing at Frankfurt Airport" may have them all beat. The title sounds rather mellow, like you're in for a pretty standard landing video involving nutty winds or a blustery storm. Then you read the deadpan one-sentence description: "This is a really amazing landing of a Boeing 777 transforming [into] a robot at Frankfurt Airport, Germany."

Spoilers ahead. The best part of the video is the nice CGI of the airplane turning into a Transformers-style robot as it comes in for a landing. You can stop it at the 45-second mark and call it a day if you like. The rest of the video devolves into literal potty humor, which you might find amusing, especially if you're into Adam Sandler.

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The YouTube comments section includes gems like user Johnny Palomino's observation: "This is better than the Michael Bay's TRANSFORMERS." User Maly Mi notes, "Landing is impressive, but deboarding process is quite innovative."

YouTube user Michael Schmidt published the video on December 2, and it has since gained steam across the Internet, pulling in close to 1.3 million views.

The "Transformers" movie franchise has shown no sign of ebbing from the pop culture landscape, but the next installment probably won't contain any scenes quite like the Frankfurt landing footage. For a brief video, it definitely contains some well-done computer graphics and subtle sound effects.

In case you're wondering, there's no indication as to whether the air-bot is an Autobot or a Decepticon.

(Via The Awesomer)