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Cat Scratch Laptop brings the Internet full circle

Cats love sleeping on your laptop (especially while you're using it), so why not let them geek out with their own cardboard computer perfect for tearing up the Internet?

The purrfect plaything for your cat could be a cardboard laptop. Suck UK

Cats make the Internet fun one adorable video at a time. So it's about time we give them a treat for all that feel-good feline entertainment.

Pet owners wanting to keep their kitties happy with a techie theme might want to consider getting them a personal Cat Scratch Laptop made of cardboard.

While the mock laptop doesn't actually connect to the Internet, your cat will be so excited that you're not yelling at him for blocking the screen he'll never know the difference between the printed-out desktop wallpaper and the real deal. (You can slide in new pictures to keep the look fresh.)

Measuring 13 inches wide and 11 inches high (330 millimeters by 270 millimeters), it's big enough for a cat to sprawl over, but there's a little more to it than that. Instead of the clickety-clack of keys being pushed by a budding blogger, your cat can scratch up a storm on the panel of corrugated cardboard. Plus the laptop comes with a fuzzy mouse toy plugged in by the tail as a nod to the classic computer mouse.

The Cat Scratch Laptop, made from partially or fully recycled paper and cardboard by Cat Playhouse, is a lot cheaper than an electronic version, coming in at $35 (around £20 or AU$50) from the retailer Suck UK. If you're ordering from the US, it'll cost you an extra $22 (around £15 or AU$30) shipping and handling.

But think of all the furniture and real laptops you'll be saving from getting clawed up by bored cats wondering when you're going to get off of Twitter and give them treats.