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This homemade 'Robocop' bot gives you 30 seconds to comply

Master propmaker Shawn Thorsson and his life-size replica of the ED-209 robot from the movie "Robocop" enforce the rules at Maker Faire.

Shawn Thorsson

Shawn Thorsson can scratch "make an awesome replica of the dreaded ED-209 robot from ' Robocop'" off his bucket list.

Thorsson, a master propmaker by trade, used his skills to build a life-size replica of the ED-209 robot in just three months, displaying the fruits of his labor at last weekend's Maker Faire in the San Francisco Bay Area. He crafted the robot in exquisite detail, and weathered and painted it to look exactly like the robot from the film.

Thorsson was busy building his creation up to the start of the fair. By the end on Sunday, he had motorized the robot so it could swivel and move around, and had even attached a speaker so ED-209 could give passersby 30 seconds to comply or face certain doom. And comply they did, as no Maker Faire attendees were harmed during the show.

(Via Make)