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This gingerbread AT-AT reindeer rules them all

Victory against the Rebels never looked so delicious. Chef Aaron Lawrence creates a tasty tribute to "Star Wars" for charity.

This Gingerbread AT-AT Reindeer has a very shiny, edible nose.
This Gingerbread AT-AT Reindeer has a very shiny, edible nose.
Catalano Restaurant

Why make a boring gingerbread house when you can attack Hoth and hunger with this delightful dessert worthy of the Empire itself?

Chef Aaron Lawrence from the Catalano Restaurant & Cicchetti Bar at Victoria, British Columbia's Magnolia Hotel & Spa created the gingerbread AT-AT for the fifth annual Canada's National Gingerbread Showcase. Professional and amateur chefs alike are invited to the showcase to build and decorate their own one-of-a-kind gingerbread creations in support of Habitat for Humanity Victoria.

Since the theme this year is transportation, Chef Lawrence decided to pay homage to both "Star Wars" and Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer.

"Everything must be edible to be eligible for the completion so I used a lot of gingerbread and then the Force to hold it all together," Lawrence told Crave. "The biggest obstacle was building the AT-AT on four tiny legs. It took all my Jedi power to pull it off but as Yoda says, 'Do or do not, there is no try.'"

While this isn't the first time we've come across a gingerbread AT-AT, it's the first one worthy of guiding Santa's sleigh at night -- that is if Santa and Darth Vader were in cahoots.

Canada's National Gingerbread Showcase runs through January 5. You can find out more on the official Web site.