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This gecko in an AT-AT costume is ready to take on the Rebels

It could be hard to root for the good guys when the Empire is represented by an adorable gecko dressed up as an AT-AT walker.

The Force is strong with Reptar the Gecko AT-AT.

It takes all sorts to make a Galactic Empire.

One crafty "Star Wars" fan using the Reddit moniker Conquerofcephalopods posted a series of images to the image-sharing site Imgur and Reddit on Friday showing how she'd recruited her pet gecko, Reptar, into the Galactic Empire with an awesome handmade AT-AT costume.

In the main image, the gecko looks pretty adorable lying down in his AT-AT costume, undoubtedly pondering just how he could destroy the Rebel scum.

In the second image, Reptar has undoubtedly decided it was time to crush the Rebellion, and gotten photoshopped into battle on a planet that looks a lot like Hoth. The image makes Reptar look pretty menacing, peering down at the tiny figures. (The warlike gecko then starred in a Photoshop battle, where its adventures grew more wide-ranging.)

Conquerofcephalopods tells CNET that there has been some concern about how the gecko was treated during the whole process of getting into the costume, but assures us that Reptar was safe and happy throughout. "I placed him in the box and waited for him to position himself," she said. At no point was Reptar forced into the costume against his will.

And, based on how relaxed he looks in the image, we can only assume that Reptar must be the most laid-back AT-AT operator in the Empire. The Rebels should definitely not underestimate the power of the gecko side of the Force.


Reptar the AT-AT taking on the Rebels in a fierce battle.