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This flight sim can help get a pilot's license

It's approved by the FAA, but costs $17,250.

HotSeat Chassis

VRX may have trumped other racing simulators with the "Triple Screen Limited Edition 001," but what about gamers who would rather take their skills to the air? The aptly named HotSeat, which is no stranger to ground racing either, has taken its efforts aloft in a big way with its latest Flight Sim Ultimate Chassis."

In addition to the panoramic view created by its three 22-inch LCDs, the chassis features six speakers, 5.1 Dolby Digital surround sound, and a custom quad-core PC with 4GB of memory and a 512MB Nvidia graphics card. And Dvice says the FAA-approved software can even count toward 2.5 hours of actual training for a pilot's license. The only catch is the $17,250 price. But if you didn't choke on that, and you're looking for even more nausea-inducing adventure, consider checking out FAO Schwarz's "Morphis ESP" for $300,000.