This flag design could represent Earthlings on Mars (Tomorrow Daily 185)

On today's show, Ashley and Khail discuss what the flag Earth plants on Mars should look like, explain how you can purchase a creation of legendary makeup and special-effects artist Rick Baker and watch EL panels get printed directly onto paper.

We know you're all probably still going nuts over our Google I/O coverage, and we're right there with you, but we recorded a show before all the conference craziness started, just in case you wanted a break from Google's global dev conference.

We're discussing one designer's concept for an Earthling flag, made for using if we ever set foot on another world. We're curious about your feedback -- is it a flag you'd be proud to see astronauts plunk down on the red planet...or do you have something else in mind? We think it's a good concept, and we're surprised more people aren't creating their own concept flags.

Also in the news: Legendary special-effects artist Rick Baker is retiring, and he's giving us common folk the chance to bid (and win) on pieces from his vast archive. If you've been looking for that perfect piece of memorabilia from movies such as "Gremlins 2," "Harry and the Hendersons," "Hellboy," "Men in Black," and more, this prop auction is the place to be.

We'll be back on Monday; have a great weekend!

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185: This flag design could represent Earthlings on Mars

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