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This confused drone thinks it's a blender, chops food in slo-mo

Tomatoes, yogurt, eggs and sausages don't stand a chance against the mighty propellers of a drone with dreams of chef stardom.

Drone chopping
This drone dreams of being a food processor.
Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

We've all heard of species identity crises, where dogs think they're cats or vice versa. Maybe there's also such a thing as appliance identity crises.

UK production house Speed Motion Films published a video showing a drone questioning its main purpose in life and living out the fantasy of taking on the job of a kitchen blender.

The footage shows a DJI Phantom sitting calmly on a patch of grass, propellers whirring away as various food items rain down on it in slow motion. It takes on edibles ranging from grapes to popcorn to a doughnut covered in icing and sprinkles.

There's a high entertainment factor to watching a drone go all "Chopped" on a variety of comestibles. The slo-mo footage is clean and clear, showing all the gory details as the blades disembowel a sausage and cut through a zucchini.

The drone's sous-chef skills result in a progressively larger mess of food, creating what would probably be the the world's grossest smoothie, unless you really like raw eggs mixed with bananas, carrots, yogurt and breadsticks.

The video, published last week, isn't just about watching a drone with the chopping skills of Gordon Ramsey, but also about showing off the capabilities of the Phantom Miro camera from Vision Research. The camera can shoot at 1,500 frames per second, making for a super-smooth slo-mo experience. It also costs $60,000 (about £40,450, AU$82,900).

If you have access to a $60,000 camera, you could make some stunning science films showing the terror and beauty of life in the natural world as a snake strikes its prey or a hummingbird's wings zip through the air. Or you could film a drone making juice out of blackberries. I think a lot of us will admit to clicking on the drone video first.

(Via Laughing Squid)